A few words about me

About me, that is ...?

My name is Michał Wierzbicki. I am a qualified blacksmith artist (Polski Cech Rzemiosł) and since 2010 I have been running the original HACY Craft Studio. I graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Gdynia Orłowo in 1991 as a woodcarver technician. After school, I joined the Police where I served for the next 17 years. At that time, I was passionate about old off-road cars, cooperating with the 4x4 Gdańsk club, as well as the community of motorcyclists using Soviet motorcycles. In 2004, I took to historical reconstructions, and so I was actively involved in the Tri-City Historical Reconstruction Group, where I got closer to the enthusiasts and collectors of weapons. With the available tools, I started building historical replicas of weapons myself for reconstruction needs. And so it all started.

I am self-taught by passion. That's how I acquired the skills of a milling machine. turner, locksmith, spinner (drummer) and many others, necessary for me in my daily work. My current specialization is the renovation and construction of replicas of weapons from the beginning of the 20th century. I focus on the care for the exhibition value of the work, as well as the historical correctness. I pay great attention to the fact that the works should work mechanically like the originals. But my replicas are supposed to look and teach, not kill. I am not interested in gunsmith orders - for which I have no qualifications and experience.

I propose an exhibition quality of products made entirely of original craftsmanship techniques or as close to them as possible. Imitations of such techniques fully and deceptively should look like the original. The essence is the material, proportion, colors, aging (imitation of the flow of time) and other features directly tailored to the recipient. Plastic will not replace metal, just as "3D printing" will not replace manual or mechanical - conventional tool trace.

Selected Shows

2017 - Participation in blacksmith shows in Węgorzewo Koszaliński
2015 - Participation in the forging demonstrations at the Ethnographic Museum in Gdańsk Oliwa
2014 - Participation in the staging of the Museum of the Second World War as a cast of the WH border forge, Museum of Folk Architecture - Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek, representative of SPAK
2013 - Presentation of a historical diorama: field forge of the occupant WH 1944, Sopot, Łysa Góra, representative of SPAK


The thing about blacksmithing was that when I was building the cannon for the Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk in 2008, I had to make over a thousand riveted joints in its construction - which I had no idea about. Conversations with my colleague, Adam Stachowicz, the then President of the Association of Polish Blacksmiths, led me to the right track. And so I entered the blacksmithing environment, broadening my horizons and joining SPAK in 2010.

Work philosophy

As of today, I believe that it is a waste of life, material and machinery to be "fast and cheap". I am doing the work I have committed myself to slowly but surely. If you are interested in my work - thank you for it and feel free to contact me

Zdjęcie w pracowni z Krzysztofem_aPanasem


On my way, I have met many great and inspiring people who helped me in various ways in implementing my plans. Here are a few of them:

Prof. Mieczysław Knobloch

A character not known to me personally. I read his positions studying for the theoretical exam for a blacksmith of ornamental products. His studies are still an important support material for me.

Przemysław Kuczkowski

The owner of the company Allmetal Sopot. A very important figure in my life, who encouraged me to follow my passion and supports what I do today. He inspires me with his entrepreneurship, approach to contractors, way of negotiating, and being objective in running my business.

Edwin Kortus

The owner of the now defunct Cored company in Sopot. Entrepreneur. - for his luminous mind, approach to business, principles and culture of craftsmanship and tact.

Krzysztof Panas

(on the photo) Blacksmith, artist, armorer. I have great respect for him for his transfer of knowledge, tact, approach to craftsmanship, as well as erudition and cheerfulness.

Rafał Szulkowski

My Taijiguan teacher. Martial arts instructor * (Taijiquan, Schaolin). For being balanced in conducting group activities with people of very different personalities, for tolerance, calmness and matter-of-factness.

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