Renovation and construction
of historical replicas of the 20th century

Works of exhibition value

Elaboration and execution of replicas of historical weapon


Welcome to the HACY website - original craft studio.

My name is Michał Wierzbicki. I am a qualified blacksmith artist (Polski Cech Rzemiosł). Since 2010, I have been running the HACY Author's Workshop and working in the Association of Polish Blacksmiths.

Consultation and consulting.

My works are done by hand on my own material. If I am unable to help personally, I will be happy to recommend colleagues who may be able to meet the challenge.

Project elaboration

Often having one acquired element or photos of the original part, I create freehand sketches, and then, using Corel, AutoCad or Draft Sight, a technical drawing.

Project execution

The construction of replicas requires the use of many craft techniques, i.e. turning, spinning, milling, threading and punching. Each project requires an individual approach.


How is the final product made?

Each work is a different story. Nevertheless, my creative process boils down to three basic phases:


Design phase

Completing materials, recreating missing elements of documentation.


Executive phase

It's a lot of craft techniques, specially selected for a given project.


Delivery of the finished project

When all the elements fit together, the result is a consistent work.

Krzysztof Panas armorer, Master of arts and crafts
dr Janusz Marszalec museologist, co-founder of Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk
Przemysław Kuczkowski Owner of the production and service company "All Metal" in Sopot
Małgorzata Buchholz-Todoroska
Małgorzata Buchholz-Todoroska director of the Museum of Sopot

"1. (...) Michał Wierzbicki's excellent products testify to a very high class of workmanship. Every detail is done with reverence. The whole thing is just great. Michał himself is a very specific and timely person. You can see he puts her whole heart into her work. He is a real master in such a rare profession.

"The craftsmanship of Michał Wierzbicki is the greatest professionalism!"

"Michał Wierzbicki makes replicas of historical items, firearms, and white weapons. High quality of work, fidelity to details. Reliable contractor. I recommend him."

Michał Wierzbicki almost 20 years ago created a design studio and workshop in his home town of Sopot, in which he creates works belonging to the increasingly rare and slowly forgotten genres of artistic craftsmanship. Michał deals with metalwork, locksmithing, blacksmithing, woodcarving, and, which is especially worth emphasizing, with great passion and expertise, he creates replicas of historic equipment.

A few words about myself

My work - my passion

I started to explore my knowledge of the art of blacksmithing around 2010, entering, among others, into the environment of the Association of Polish Blacksmiths and by deciding to open my own workshop. Yesterday, being a self-taught enthusiast, today I have sanctioned my professional skills in the field of artistic blacksmithing, locksmithing, tinsmithing and woodcarving.

  • 1991 r. – I am graduating from the State HS of Fine Arts in Gdynia Orłowo.
  • 2010 r. – I create my own arts and crafts studio.
  • 2017 r. – I gain the title of a blacksmith of ornamental products.


years of experience
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Consultation. Development. Sharing my passion.